.torrents of truth
is a cyberaction that bypasses Russian censorship to spread the truth about Ukraine war

In order to circumvent the extreme censorship raging as we speak across Russian media, we enabled journalists to upload reports about Ukraine camouflaged as pirated torrents of popular movies, series, softwares, music and books in Russia.

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How .torrents of truth allows journalists to speak up through a loophole in Russian regulations.

As of March 7, the Russian government has legalized intellectual property theft to counterattack the economic sanctions taken against it, thus encouraging Russian citizens to pirate content from 'unfriendly countries'. Turning this into an opportunity to bypass censorship, we launched a cyberaction across popular P2P platforms in Russia by uploading testimonies from volunteer journalists on the war in Ukraine disguised as pirated torrents of movies, series, softwares, music and books.


Torrents Uploaded

In total, 21 torrents files have been uploaded and seeded on RuTracker, Demonoid, The Pirate Bay or 1337x and other torrent trackers popular in Russia. Each torrent embeds a report from a journalist on the Russian invasion in Ukraine camouflaged as a pirated film, series, software, music or book.


Journalists Enabled

While punishments range from fines of $45,000 to prison terms of up to 15 years for anyone going against the Kremlin disinformation narrative, our cyberaction has enabled 4 journalists to speak up about the truth of the war in Ukraine—providing them with an undercover channel to keep spreading unbiased, trustworthy news, in a country where TV and newspapers aren’t allowing it anymore,


of Russia Targeted

43 percent of Russians reportedly obtain movies and TV shows illegally, which means that about 62 million persons in the Federation of Russia are potentially exposed and targeted by our cyberaction.


Allied Agencies

With the war in Ukraine, the Russian government also launched the next stage in their war on free speech. As members of an industry based on creative freedom, we decided to come together and take action. This is a self-initiated collaboration between a global network and a Kyiv-based agency to fight the increasing censorship in Russia.


“ Words are my tools and, at this time, my weapons in the information war, fighting for Ukraine. For its freedom and peace. And yes, I’m at war with Russia and if you are a citizen of the Federation and you do not support the policy of the ‘head' of your country, if you want to do something to stop the deaths of people, if you're in doubt, understand that you are not mistaken and become in that sense an ally of Ukraine. "

Gera Gerc – Ukrainian journalist, Radio host, Artist

Take Action.

The more seeders we are, the more the truth will spread in Russia.

Anyone, anywhere can help by sparing a bit of bandwidth to download and seed the torrents files. Because the more downloads they get, the more they will get popular in the trackers, and the more torrents of truth will spread in Russia.

Adobe Master Collection 2022 RUS Russian v7 + crack {ToT}.torrent

Adobe Photoshop 2022 RUS Russian v23.3.1.426 (x64) + Fix {ToT}.torrent

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness (2022) RUS SUBS Russian Subtitles 1080p HDTS x264 - ToT.torrent


Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) RUS SUBS Russian Subtitles 1080p HDRip - ToT.torrent


Install a BitTorrent client

If you don't have a BitTorrent client already installed on your computer, you can get Transmission for Mac or qBittorrent for Windows.


Launch the torrents

Pick one, or even better, launch all the torrents above, preferably using a VPN.


Keep seeding

Leaving your BitTorrent client open and available will increase the popularity of the torrents and help maximise the spread of our cyberaction.

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